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BrianrossA smart man once told me, “The education community has it backwards. Neither the student nor their parents are the customers. The customer is business. Students are the product.” Little Suzy or Johnny aren’t really widgets fresh off the assembly line. The real purpose of school is to prepare kids for career.

How are our schools doing? Although there are many excellent schools, the answer in general is not great. The Organization of Economic Development tests 15 year-olds across the globe. The U.S. results out of 65 countries are remarkably unimpressive: 24th Reading, 36th for both Mathematics and Science. OK. Maybe you don’t believe the validity of international tests. However, only 28% of employers in a 2009 Association of American Colleges and University survey said that 4-year colleges were doing a good job preparing students for the challenges in today’s global economy.


Developing Startup Leaders

Posted: September 29, 2013 by Jessica Reading in Culture, Ecosystem, HIgher Education, Leadership, People, Startup

jessica reading miamiThis summer, college students interned in our region’s startups and entrepreneurial companies.  Recently I met with several of them as they reflected on their experiences.  Or more accurately, raved about their summer:

  • “There’s nothing like going to work in the morning knowing it will be nothing less than an adventure”
  • “I learned how entrepreneurship can manifest in so many ways”
  • “My supervisor taught me to embrace being outside my comfort zone, and never doubt myself”
  • “I couldn’t replace what I gained this summer with any life experience”

These reflections are the wish list of what any educator wants every student to say after completing a course and often only result from the most empowering of teachers.  This summer, our region’s startups educated our students, teaching ‘real-world’.