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kevin-RUstagi-hustle-playThere are applications in many areas of our lives. School. Politics. Driving. Grad School. MBA. MD. PhD. Jobs. And heck – even Love (eHarmony).

And of course there are!

I mean – would you want some random person adopting your kid or performing heart surgery? No! I wouldn’t either. I would want someone vetted. Someone screened and screened again.

But there is one thing for which there is no application. Starting a company.

At least in America. If you are a citizen who is not a criminal, who can afford a very small fee, you’re good to go. Success – we can never be sure of that, but when were we ever?

In 2010, two friends came to me to start a company. It was destined to gain, at the very least, significance, though we didn’t actually know that. We were all finishing college, and so we decided to take advantage of programs meant to encourage entrepreneurship: MIT $100K, MassChallenge, Y-Combinator.