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Quick – which metro area in the country has had more undergraduate entrepreneurship programs ranked in the Top 25 in the past five years? Thinking Bay Area, Boston, Chicago? Nope, Greater Cincinnati takes the prize and it’s the best kept secret in town.

Entrepreneurship programs at Miami, NKU, Xavier and UC are either currently ranked among top 25 undergraduate programs nationally or have been within the past five years. If this were college hoops, we would be talking about four perennial tournament teams.

Like all winning teams, our local entrepreneurship programs have high quality players. Entrepreneurship students are learning the latest methods and ways of thinking that can help add value to your business. And, they employ the newest techniques to identify and develop new growth opportunities.

Students may be able to receive course credit for their experience. Some entrepreneurship programs like Miami’s also offer a compensation reimbursement match to the employer depending on the nature of the internship. You can engage entrepreneurship students through class assignments, student consulting projects and both full-time and part-time internships.

If you really want to receive full value from your involvement with entrepreneurship students, turn them loose on the right assignments.