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E-Capital Our Greatest Need

Posted: February 10, 2013 by Jim Kahmann in Ecosystem, People, Startup

jim kahmann wp My boss just returned from a trip to Palo Alto, California ostensibly to raise capital, but also to make connections with new networks. He felt energized by his meetings, new connections and old friends from Apple. The most obvious source of this energy emanated from the hundreds and thousands of courageous, nothing-to-lose, and arguably masochistic entrepreneurs. Palo Alto and similar startup Meccas have a seemingly limitless supply of human entrepreneur-capital.

E-capital is clearly our region’s greatest need. We must all work to energize and expand the community of courageous, masochistic entrepreneurs. Startup “energizers” like the Brandery, UpTech, CincyTech, and now Cintrifuse pump jet fuel into startups. Our next challenge is spreading word outside the area, and bringing talent – specifically, human e-capital – back to the region.

Attracting more Venture for America fellows to our startup companies is a great start. This May, Venture for America launches its second class – 100 fresh undergrads from top universities. After joining VFA’s first class, I moved to Cincinnati to join a web-based logistics startup called OneMorePallet. Six more VFA graduates also joined the startup world here. We represent Columbia, Georgetown, Cornell, Duke, The University of Maryland, and Wesleyan.