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Why I Hate Brainstorming

Posted: April 19, 2015 by Jim Friedman in Culture, People, Startup

JimFriedmanI hate to say hate, but … how else do you describe that nails-on-chalkboard spine shivering shrill chill reaction? I’ve stopped ignoring it. I vow to stand alone, if necessary, to right this creative wrong: I hate brainstorming.

It’s a daily occurrence. We have a problem to solve. The challenge has been identified. The project begins.

“Where do we start?” Someone always suggests brainstorming.

“Great, who has an idea?”

“How about this….” A couple of ideas are suggested… or, as is often the case, one idea is suggested.

“Good… let’s do that.”

Brainstorm completed. Meeting adjourned. Team moves forward ready to make an un-creative idea happen.


C4: The Creative Explosion

Posted: April 20, 2014 by Jim Friedman in Uncategorized

Jim-FriedmanCreatives are the newest business rock stars.  It wasn’t always that way.   Creativity used to be synonymous with art making.  You were creative if you could paint, write draw, sing or dance.  It’s different now.

IBM asked more than 1,500 CEOs what they believed was the single most important factor they wanted in a new hire.  Their answer?  Creativity.  The world is changing quickly. The future is unsure.  So creativity may be the single most important skill we can teach our students to prepare them for the world after graduation.

But, do we teach creativity?  Do our teachers value it?  Do they know how to foster it or even identify it? Do business executives?  Do you?  It’s not easy.