Zach Taylor

Zach-Taylor-3My career and experience in sales began managing a small retail store that specialized in outdoor apparel while earning my Finance and Real Estate degree from the University of Cincinnati. My interest in real estate brought me to the center of the real estate collapse, negotiating short sales for a startup. This is where I began to master the art and science of phone sales and negotiation.

My role as a short sale negotiator went as follows: after being provided a list of homeowners/properties in foreclosure, cold call the homeowner (usually blue collar, family-man, jobless, and scared to death about losing their piece of the American dream), convince them to let me (‘me’ meaning the investor I represented) buy their home with a lease/buy-back option. After performing all the necessary due diligence, I had to convince the loss mitigation specialist representing the mortgage owner to sell the property via short sale for pennies on dollar (at least 20% below market value). While that negotiation was taking place I also had to work on our investor pool and convince one of them that this property was a great investment and that the owner (who had not paid their mortgage in months, sometimes years) would be a solid tenant and provide steady cash flow… Easy, right? I executed over 35 of these deals in 2008, at a time when banks were not allowing the previous homeowner to remain in the property after a short sale and banks were particularly optimistic about property values and potential losses.

Next on the career path was an outsourced sales & marketing provider, where I played a key role in building a B2B Sales division. My hybrid role had me help close new business, but primarily I built or reconstructed sales teams for my clients which consisted of development of all sales scripts/techniques, the optimal sales cycle, and CRM processes. These sales teams were sometimes project-based but more often a long term partnership. My clients consisted of startups, midsize, and Fortune 1000 organizations and the size of the sales teams usually started out with two or three team members, which quickly grew between 10-20 team members. Acting as salesperson, coach, recruiter, sales/operations manager, and account executive, I generated over $1 million in new, recurring revenue in less than two years. My biggest successes came in the HR Services, small business financing, medical device, and SaaS/Technology services.

Building and implementing inside sales processes for dozens of clients across multiple industries allowed me to uncover best practices extremely quickly and helped increase my tactical sales knowledge rapidly. Interviewing, hiring/firing, and managing hundreds of sales reps gave me insight into the traits and skill sets necessary to be a great inside sales rep (and vice versa).

By the summer of 2012, a young real estate tech company had developed a SaaS management solution for owners/management of real estate brokerages, to sell on top of their free platform for agents. They had one sales rep and were looking to grow revenue primarily through inside sales… and they hired me to make it happen. SIx weeks in I figured out how to sell a value-add, complex software solution, via phone/webinar to real estate brokers (who are almost exclusively, Type A, aggressive, professional salespeople), as they were coming out of the biggest recession their industry had ever seen. (Did I mention our solution was the most expensive in the market???) In less than twelve months I was responsible for crafting, implementing, and scaling the sales strategy and processes that ultimately led to a staff of 35 sales reps, 3 managers, and an 1800% increase in monthly revenue. The recruiting criteria, hiring process, training program, coaching sessions, compensation model, product pricing model, sales management structure, employee growth plans, systems (, autodialer, etc.), marketing efforts (email campaigns), trade shows, and the sales organization’s culture were all directly or primarily formulated under my direction.

I am passionate about using my experience to create unique solutions for every company with whom I work, teaching salespeople the right way to sell and teaching leaders to effectively manage in order to maximize revenue and scale intelligently. Colleagues and clients describe my style as “hands on”, “bold and transparent”, and “results focused”. 

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