Dr. Rashmi Assundani

Dr. Assudani joined Xavier University’s Williams College of Business in the Fall of 2005. Her research interests include knowledge management in geographically distributed work arrangements and the implications this has for organizations and managers. Her research interests also span other areas such as managing innovation for new service and product development, and ethnic entrepreneurship. Her teaching interests include subject matters such as managerial behavior, creativity and innovation, and managing geographically dispersed work.

Dr. Assudani’s dissertation research has focused on the variables that have an impact on the performance of geographically distributed teams. Through a series of longitudinal studies, her research furnishes evidence about the impact of variables such as degree of familiarity, degree of redundancy and nature of task on the performance of such teams. The findings from this research have profound implications on the contemporary technology-driven workplace, specifically on issues such as knowledge management, innovation and outsourcing.

Her research has been recognized in the academic and practitioner community through a number of awards. These awards include 2005 Outstanding Student Paper Award (Academy ofManagement – Management Consulting division), 2002 Outstanding Student Paper Award(Academy of Management – Management Consulting division), 1999 Outstanding Student Paper Award (Academy of Management – Management Consulting division), and 1998 Award of Excellence – Honorable Mention Award (Administrative Sciences Association of Canada). In addition, her research has been published in various avenues such as journals (Journal of Knowledge Management, International Journal of Networking and Virtual organizations, International Journal of Management & Decision Making and Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship), books and conference proceedings. Additionally, she is on the International Review Board of the Journal of E-Working, and is on the Placement Committee at the Academyof Management.

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