Dr. Eileen Weisenbach Keller

It is all about the basics for Eileen Weisenbach Keller.

To build a successful company, all entrepreneurs must understand the fundamentals of business, including the three Cs: competence, confidence and communication, said the new director of Northern Kentucky University’s Fifth Third Entrepreneurship Institute. In today’s economy, students need to stand out. By graduating students who are confident in themselves, their products and their knowledge of the industry, NKU will differentiate its students from the masses. Having good communication skills will allow students to better convey their knowledge to prospective employers and investors.

Weisenbach Keller developed her three C strategy throughout her career. A NKU assistant marketing professor since 2006, she first spent more than 14 years in the private sector working for pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consumer goods companies, including a two-year stint as senior product manager for Mr. Coffee. Her resume includes new product development, marketing and supply chain and budget management, all important tasks for entrepreneurs to understand.

In her new role, Weisenbach Keller will teach students of all majors ways to thrive in the marketplace. Whether they are starting a photography studio, developing mobile applications or selling consumer goods, all future entrepreneurs need to know how to operate, manage and market their businesses. She also will work with small businesses and start-ups in the region to help them launch and grow their companies and to celebrate their success at the Castellini Foundation Master Entrepreneur Awards Celebration.

She received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Indiana University, a master’s in business administration with concentrations in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago and a doctorate from Kent State University. She continues to serve as a consultant for small and Fortune 500 companies.

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