Dov Rosenberg

dov-rosenbergAfter selecting college coursework that was a mile wide and an inch deep, Dov found himself upon graduation not particularly qualified to do anything. So he did the natural thing and joined a consulting firm – developing and managing the deployment of software at Cap Gemini for about two years before leaving for business school due to boredom. Upon graduation from b-school, Dov decided venture capital was where he was destined to end up. Not the most practical decision in 2001 in the Midwest, so instead he joined Battelle Memorial Institute, the world’s largest non-profit, independent research and development organization. As a senior strategist in the Intellectual Property Strategy and Development group, he was responsible for working with inventors throughout the institute and helping to determine things such as which inventions should be patented, who they might be licensed to, and whether a spinout company could be created.

In his continuing quest to prepare for a career in venture capital (and the continuing lack of hiring in the industry in the Midwest), Dov left Battelle for the opportunity to deepen his operating experience by serving on the management team at a small, privately-held, manufacturing company. There, his responsibilities included overseeing production management, research and development, and customer service, among other areas (wearing a variety of hats, like any good entrepreneur).

In 2005, with the opening of a new associate position at Blue Chip Venture Company, Dov crossed over to the investor side of the table. In that role, he performed due diligence on new investment opportunities, monitored the firm’s portfolio companies, conducted market and financial analysis, and generally made sure the partners were kept in line. He also managed Blue Chip’s Validation Fund, which invested in Ohio-based, seed-stage technology companies. A director at Allos since its formation in 2010, he serves on the boards of companies including 7signal.

Though he doesn’t like to talk about it, Dov was awarded the CFA charter in 2007.


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