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Please – Just Inspire Me!

Posted: February 23, 2014 by Tom Heuer in Culture, People

Tom Heuer, Miami University Center for EntrepreneurshipThese are the words uttered by many employees these days as they trudge (slow, weary depressing walk) into work believing something – somehow, someway – will be different today.  But, their hopes quickly end up being futile thoughts.  “Just another day at the office” is the common, six word theme heard around the dinner table.  So, the conversation moves to other topics more meaningful than work.

Is this prevalent in business today?  The book – The Cynical Americans by Kanter and Mirvis – chronicles the highly cynical environment found in companies today.  In the latest edition, the author’s research finds that almost fifty percent of employees working in corporate America (including start-ups and small businesses) are cynical.  Your issue – how can any company win in the marketplace with half of their workers sensing that their company will not win?


The DNA of a Successful Entrepreneur

Posted: February 9, 2014 by Avi Ram in Culture, People

aviramAn entrepreneur is an individual who attempts to make a profit by executing an innovative idea using initiative and taking calculated risks with limited resources. Entrepreneurship is more an attitudinal issue than a learned process. The attitudinal characteristics that will inhibit entrepreneurship are:

*            Living in the past

*            Risk aversion

*            Fear of failure

*            Valuing linear thinking over non-linear thinking

*            Constant search for a designated scapegoat

*            Hatred of other people’s success


Dream No Little Dreams

Posted: February 9, 2014 by Bill Cunningham in Culture, Leadership, Startup

“Dream no little dreams for they have no power to move men’s souls” 


Clay Mathile, Founder of IAMS

Clay Mathile, Founder of IAMS

Clay Mathile, founder of the IAMS Company, paraphrased Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote as the title for his autobiography. This should be required reading for all entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs intellectually understand the journey, but the stories of Mathile’s journey from 1970 to a billion dollar enterprise by 1999 resonate with founders far more than any textbook or Inc. magazine article.

On my journey to scale OneMorePallet, I invested two days in Aileron’s Course for Presidents at their campus in Tipp City, OH just north of Dayton. Aileron is Mathile’s organization and campus that fulfills his dream of helping grow entrepreneurs and giving back to the community.