Entrepreneurial Revolution

Posted: June 23, 2013 by Chuck Matthews in Ecosystem, Innovation, Startup

“During the past thirty years, America has unleashed the most revolutionary generation the nation has experienced since its founding in 1776. This new generation of entrepreneurs has altered permanently the economic and societal structure of this nation and the world, and it has set the “entrepreneurial genetic code” for future generations. It will determine, more than any other single impetus, how the nation and the world will live, work, learn, and lead in this century and beyond.  Jeffrey A. Timmons, 1998.

UC Chuck MatthewsAs we prepare to celebrate the 237th anniversary of our country’s independence on July 4th, the quote above from the late entrepreneur and scholar, Dr. Jeffrey Timmons, is especially timely.  It speaks eloquently and succinctly about the entrepreneurial spirit that has, is, and will continue to shape and reshape a powerful and transformative economic engine.

A Revolutionary Generation.  Mr. Donald “Buddy” LaRosa is the epitome of the revolutionary entrepreneurial generation that has transformed this country.  After serving in the U.S. Navy, getting married and starting his family, he started his first restaurant in Western Hills in 1954.  From humble beginnings, with just a few hundred dollars and a ton of determination, he built an innovative pizzeria business, overcame obstacles that would send mere mortals to the mat, and given back to the community in ways too many to count.  Husband, father, friend, entrepreneur, innovator, employer, mentor, philanthropist, philosopher, and more, he is one of the countless creators of the entrepreneurial revolution that continues to this day.  I had the honor to introduce and recognize one of Greater Cincinnati’s most recognizable entrepreneurial legends with the UC Lifetime Achievement Award in Entrepreneurship this past May 8th.  Entrepreneurs never stop challenging, building and giving.

The Economic and Social Structure of a Nation (and the world).  When Mr. Lou Lauch began his corporate and individual entrepreneurial journey, little did he know that it would transform multiple industries and impact tens of thousands of co-workers, employees, and customers.  From internal auditor at the U.S. Shoe Company to owner and President of Cincinnati based KBM, Inc., the University of Cincinnati and George Washington University alum represents the thousands of entrepreneurs who touch the prosperity and happiness of a nation.  Along the way, he served as co-owner of Auto Temp, Inc,. a pet supply manufacturing system, and owns or has owned several other businesses in various industries.  Today, he and his son have started MOO Technologies, LLC, where together they are building a venture commercializing a patent that could revolutionize the milk industry. He was recently recognized with the UC Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Entrepreneurs change the course of human events.

Set the “Entrepreneurial Genetic Code” for Future Generations.  Ms. Candance Klein, founder of Bad Girl Ventures and SoMoLend, and Dr. Robert Hisrich, Director of the Walker Center, Thunderbird School of Management are both examples of how the entrepreneurial genetic code continues to be set.  Receiving her Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Ms. Klein noted that since its founding in 2010, BGV is giving women entrepreneurs’ the tools to realize their dreams.  She has worked with over 500 women-owned ventures, providing three quarters of million dollars in financing directly impacting 50 women entrepreneurs and creating hundreds of jobs in Ohio.

Dr. Hisrich has twice been honored as a Fulbright Scholar in Budapest, Hungary first at the International Management Center and again at the Foundation for Small Enterprise and Economic Development where he also held the Alexander Hamilton Chair in Entrepreneurship.  Also a recipient of the UC Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, he is the author or co-author of over twenty-five books and three hundred articles on entrepreneurship. He has taught thousands of students around the world putting entrepreneurship in motion.  Ms. Klein and Dr. Hisrich are integral in setting the “entrepreneurial genetic code” propelling us into the 21st century.  Entrepreneurs change how we think and act.

How the Nation and the World will Live, Work, Learn, and LeadEntrepreneur and UC alum, Mr. Chris Downie, co-founder of Up4Sale and founder of SparkPeople, recently put an exclamation point on Dr. Timmons’ quote.  Recipient of the Christopher J. Nawalaniec Distinguished Service Award, he commented on SparkPeople’s mission to “spark” millions of people to reach their goals and use health and fitness as a springboard to succeed in all areas of their life.  He illustrates the impact entrepreneurs have on our lives in so many positive ways.  He is “sparking” how the nation will live, work, learn, and lead.  Entrepreneurs change lives.

As we celebrate Independence Day, it is the perfect time to reflect on our collective entrepreneurial journey.  Are you ready?  Till next time, all the best for continued entrepreneurial success!

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