Posted: May 19, 2013 by Eileen Weisenbach Keller in Leadership, Planning, Startup

KellerA young father watched as his 1 year old daughter repeatedly stood and attempted to walk; only to fall, get up, and try again. The father was at once mesmerized by her indelible spirit of persistence and at the same time motivated to stop her, to protect her from getting hurt. Why then didn’t he pick her up…or hold her down to prevent injury?

He didn’t because he knew that this persistence was necessary. He knew too, beyond all doubt, that she would succeed. He did not expect her to succeed with a 25% probability that she would not; he knew the probability of success was absolute. So, watching her battle against gravity and the forces of nature meant watching her succeed, little by little, building the strength and skill to walk; a process more heart-warming than heart-wrenching.

So to goes many the entrepreneur: trying, “failing”, persisting, growing.  Battling the forces of nature and persevering in the face of uncertainty. Learning to be an entrepreneur is, obviously, quite different than learning to walk. But there is an important lesson that can be borrowed from the analogy. The child is surrounded by walkers – people proficient at the process. As an Entrepreneur you would be smart to adopt this method – surround yourself with business starters, those who have been successful and will be able to lend you support and confidence.

In Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati this is not hard to do. There are groups throughout our region that are open and generous with their guidance and support networks. Check websites for meetings of the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association, watch the news on the Cintrifuse and UpTech sites,, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce,, cincytech; all of these provide resources and create an environment that encourages and enables entrepreneurial success. Invest your time with people who know how to succeed and believe that your struggles to learn the winning model for your company is a matter of when, not if.

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