Goin’ Mobile

Posted: February 13, 2012 by Bill Cunningham in Innovation, Startup, Technology

The Who’s Pete Townsend penned the classic lines “When I’m drivin’ free, the world’s my home, when I’m mobile.”  As we speed through Moore’s Law in all the technologies, mobile appears to be the fastest, game-changing technology ever. In 1982, Arch McGill, VP for AT&T, spoke to a class of young MBAs about the year 2000 when over 400,000 cell phones would used daily in commerce. Mr. McGill’s math was only off by a factor of 5,000. Nor did he realize how mobile communications would change our lives and our lifestyles.

Human Factors

Thanks to mobile, we can work 24/7/365 – reachable even on vacations (so is it really a vacation?)  We can distract ourselves while driving, no longer needing to rely on just drinking coffee and reading the paper whilst hurtling down I-71 at 65 miles per hour. We get frantic when we can’t reach our kids/parents/boss within six rings. The technology has changed us in to an always-on society.

What’s Next

The flip side of the human factors includes feeling safer with the ability to connect at anytime. Your life can be organized with calendars, emails, phone calls, address books, reminders all packed into eight ounces of silicon and plastic. Dick Tracy would have been insanely jealous.

Of course, I love to know what the next curve jumping technology trend will be and when it will happen. The mobile phone’s migration from a heavy brick-like phone to an incredibly small location and human preference aware device took 20 years. Apps continue to populate the app stores at astounding rates. Corporations are investing in mobile and the web as the results get better and better every day. Mobile has completely changed the landscape for advertising, making consumer connections and transacting business.

On March 5, the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association and the NKU College of Informatics will host MobileXcincy and look at what’s now and what’s next. Speakers from Paypal, Verizon, Rockfish and the Cincinnati Reds will all weigh in on mobile’s impact on their businesses. And they have only just begun to tap the incredible value in mobile. This conference hopes to energize and connect the mobile app developers community and the corporate/enterprise community which shares the same concerns about how you adapt and adopt mobile technology where the rules change hourly and today’s hottest property is so yesterday when tomorrow comes.

What You Should Do

Be prepared. Become agile. Get started. Whether developing an app or using an app to jazz your sales numbers, you need to get on the mobile train that accelerates exponentially. You should attend the MobileXcincy conference and share with kindred spirits about how mobile technology will affect the future of business and personal lives. You can learn how to develop your first app at one of the iPhone or Android workshops. You can see how social media has multiplied through the ability to connect anytime, anywhere. Investors and entrepreneurs can crack the codes on what makes a successful app take off. Corporate and enterprise folks will learn how some of the big guys have successfully taken the mobile plunge and came up swimmingly well!

You can find out more on our blog at http://www.cincyentre.com.  See you on March 5.

Bill Cunningham is the CEO and founder of OneMorePallet.com and shop foreman at the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association.

  1. Dan Olive says:

    When does the MobileXcincy conference start on 03/05, when does it end and what does it cost? Are there still seats available?

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